The Midnight Follies is Jazz Factory’s dance performance group made of energetic and talented vintage jazz and swing dancers. Our show is a sparkling compilation of dance styles from the early decades of the Twentieth century such as the Charleston, Vernacular Jazz, Tap, Chorus Line, and some Hollywood Classics, combined with elegance, humour, and passion.

The Midnight Follies take you back to the lively Speak Easy joints and glamorous Broadway lights of the Golden Swing era and All That Jazz! Our show is an original way to spice up your evening or program of both public and private events, company parties, festivals, birthdays, weddings or graduations etc. And next to a show, why not also take a quick lesson and try the Charleston out for yourself and heat up that dance floor! The Midnight Follies can build a custom made program to the customer’s wishes and make an unforgettable and glamorous spectacle to your celebration.